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Rediscovering a ministry of health: Whole person health care through the local church

by Revd Dr Helen Wordsworth, R.N., R.M., R.H.V., R.N.T., M.Th., D.Min., CEO, Parish Nursing Ministries UK

Thursday 23 October 2014 (4.30-6pm)
Spirituality, Theology & Health seminar series (Durham University)

This seminar took place in Wallis Room (St John’s College, 3 South Bailey, Durham).

To watch the Lecture, please click on the video below:


The church has been involved in health care throughout its history but with the advent of the NHS its role in the UK health scene has gradually declined. Yet there are theological and missiological reasons for the church’s engagement with health. This seminar demonstrates one practical way in which local churches can re-engage with the health needs of their local community and enables discussion around the implications of this for the mission of a local church.


After 14 years of experience in the NHS, culminating in a Community Health Nurse Tutor post, Revd. Dr. Helen Wordsworth began theological training and was ordained as a Baptist minister in 1995. She has since worked at regional ecumenical level within the Baptist Union, specialising in mission consultancy. She has founded and developed the initiative of parish nursing within the UK, and has engaged in doctoral research on this topic from a practical theology perspective.