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BASS Conference 2018 & Abstract Invitation:
Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Health, Medicine and Social Sciences

5th International Conference of BASS & 6th European Conference on Religion, Spirituality & Health (ECRSH)
Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Health, Medicine and Social Sciences
Thursday 17 May – Saturday 19 May 2018
Coventry University, Coventry, England, UK

In an exciting new collaboration, the 2018 BASS International Conference will be a joint venture with the European Conference on Religion, Spirituality and Health (ECRSH).

This is in recognition of the academic interests that BASS shares with ECRSH. The conference will be designed in a spirit of international co-operation and collegiality in the field of the study of spirituality, which is an important part of the mission of BASS.

As the venue for the conference will be the city of Coventry, an internationally recognised centre for peace and reconciliation, this conference also offers an important opportunity for both organisations to explore the spirituality of forgiveness and reconciliation in the many contexts in which it is encountered. Thus, the main theme of the conference will be:

Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Health, Medicine and Social Sciences

Although keynote speakers from a variety of academic disciplines and professional backgrounds will provide a comprehensive overview of this topic, papers and workshops presented in concurrent sessions need not have an overt focus on forgiveness or reconciliation but must fit within the remit of BASS* or ECRSH.

You are warmly invited to participate in this biennial gathering of researchers, scholars and practitioners from many nations, and to submit abstracts for oral presentations, symposia or posters on related topics in your own academic or professional context.

Deadline for the submission of abstracts is 15 November 2017

Please note that registration and submission of abstracts is via the ECRSH website. It asks for abstracts in the traditional ‘scientific’ format of ‘background, aims, methods, results, conclusions’. If this is not appropriate for your academic discipline or professional context, please submit an abstract in your usual style. In all cases, write ‘BASS Abstract’ at the top.

Information about the acceptance of your abstract will be sent by the end of February 2018. You are encouraged to register now to take advantage of reduced rates. Registration can be cancelled in the event of non-acceptance of an abstract.

We very much look forward to meeting you.


* Registration is now open *

  • To register for the 2018 conference, click here.
  • To submit your abstract until 15 Nov 2017, click here.



* The purpose of BASS is to advance education for the public benefit in the subject of spirituality by promoting:

a) the critical study of all aspects of spirituality;

b) education and dissemination regarding these matters; and

c) the development of inclusive and respectful policies and professional practices.