BASS welcomes enquiries from organisations and individuals with interests in the study of spirituality about creating a link to their work from this page. Enquiries about adding a Link should be sent to Dr Cheryl Hunt: Please note that we operate a policy of reciprocity.

Organisations and events should meet the following criteria
They should:

  • Be concerned with promoting the development of knowledge and understanding about spirituality and how it is applied in the world.
  • Produce and/or disseminate information, research, publications and/or policy which seeks to explain and/or explore spirituality and how spiritual issues relate to how people live their lives.

Exclusion criteria

In application of the above criteria, BASS will endeavour to be fair and impartial. However, the Directors reserve the right to make their own judgements concerning the application of these criteria and will not enter into correspondence concerning decisions made on particular cases.

This site explores the essential ideas contained in British spirituality. It acknowledges the central role played by key forerunners and the emergence of many positive forward thinking organisations. You will find links to these projects plus a wonderful directory of forty one sacred sites from Callanish in the north of Scotland to St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall. You’ll discover stories of legends, myths and histories that combine to illuminate our understanding of the ancient name for Britain, Albion, for when Albion awakes the long sleep will be over. It provides a window into an amazing unfoldment of spiritual wisdom with many links to publications, books, maps and further information.


Centre for Atheist Spirituality
A forum for exploration of the meaning of spirituality for atheists. The site aims to be inclusive and to develop shared understandings of human spirituality. It’s a creative initiative in place of the worn, hostile debates between atheism and religion.

Centre for Spirituality Studies
The Centre for Spirituality Studies (University of Hull) exists to: Promote interdisciplinary research and scholarship which develops understanding of spirituality. Provide opportunities for advanced study and research training in spirituality. Offer a forum for community and interfaith engagement with the study of spirituality.

Centre for Systems Philosophy
The Centre for Systems Philosophy (CSP) was established to: refine the methods and models of Systems Philosophy; do systems-philosophical research towards solving important problems in science and philosophy; promote understanding of the methods, usefulness and appropriateness of Systems Philosophy for solving real-word problems.


Department Of Health
The Department of Health (DH) helps people to live better for longer. We lead, shape and fund health and care in England, making sure people have the support, care and treatment they need, with the compassion, respect and dignity they deserve.


European Research Institute for Chaplains in Healthcare (ERICH)
ERICH is part of the KU Leuven, Belgium and is hosted by the Academic Centre for Practical Theology (ACPT). ERICH works closely with the European Network of Health Care Chaplaincy (ENHCC). The institute was launched on 6th June in Leuven, Belgium.


Holy Rood House
Holy Rood House is a charity with a gentle Christian ethos, providing safer space for those of us who are finding life unsafe. Since 1993 they have been pleased to welcome all kinds of people, of all ages, for all kinds of reasons from across Britain. They have found that once people know the right place for them – they are prepared to travel. Hospitality lies at the heart of all they are and do. They are here for you, and for many at a time of need. As well as professional, therapeutic support, or programmed events, their door is open for rest and relaxation, care for carers, spiritual retreat and accompaniment, training, study and sabbaticals or for a holiday. You are welcome to phone them and discuss your requirements.


The Journal of Dance, Movement & Spiritualities
Dance, Movement & Spiritualities is interested in publishing works concerned with the relationship between spirituality, dance and movement, and contributions are invited from across disciplines. Research into spirituality receives comparatively little attention in Western dance practices. In contrast, this journal provides a platform for those practitioners and researchers who are actively and creatively working with spirituality at the centre of their practice/research to disseminate their ideas and findings. The journal is particularly interested in scholarship that explores spirituality and movement from different inter-disciplinary perspectives offering a broad stage for academic discussion and innovation. Recognizing the plurality and diversity of spiritual experience, the journal invites contributions from a vast panorama of the world’s sacred dance traditions to topics such as secular, New Age and postmodern spiritualities. Articles may range from performance praxis and analysis, composition and aesthetics, Dance Movement Psychotherapy, community practice and holistic pedagogies. The journal seeks to embrace diversity of experienced and felt spiritualities and discussion of methodologies suited to discovering more about dance and spirituality are most welcomed, as well as innovative methods for recording, digesting and articulating the experiences of spirituality. You are also welcome to visit the website of the Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities.


The Kairos Forum
The Kairos Forum for people with intellectual and cognitive disabilities (KFICD) seeks to highlight and respond to the spiritual and religious needs of people with disabilities. Its aim is to facilitate the crafting and empowerment of a ‘community of belonging’, within both religious and secular settings. Its expertise will provide specialist services and resources which will enable and empower people with disabilities to experience dignity, respect, care, access and authentic participation within well formed and empathic communities.


National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum
NSMHF is a group of people who are passionate about mental health and spirituality. Why? People’s lives can be devastated by poor mental health. They may be in touch with mental health services and they may not. In either case our experiences show us that acknowledging one’s spiritual self can be a force for change/good, aiding recovery from debilitating and milder distress. But spirituality and mental health are both very complex. This website goes some way to illuminating some of these complexities.


Oxford Centre for Spirituality and Wellbeing (OCSW)
The Oxford Centre for Spirituality and Wellbeing (OCSW) is a newly established centre which focuses on the development and dissemination of a more integrated and holistic model of care. Its purpose is to generate practise-based evidence of the benefits of an integrated approach to care through research which will underpin the development of training for staff so that they are equipped and supported in the provision of spiritual care.


An international network of professional healthcare educators, committed to integrating rigorous science and compassionate care for the whole person. PRIME encourages and supports healthcare professionals to practise and teach sound scientific knowledge and clinical skills, to consider the effects of illness on the whole person – body, mind and spirit – and to provide care with integrity and generous compassion. PRIME does this through delivering teaching programmes and training and resourcing healthcare educators around the world with teaching skills and materials that present evidence for the global health benefits of this approach, and illustrate the practice of patient-centred healthcare.


Scientific and Medical Network
Founded in 1973, The SMN is an interdisciplinary networking forum and educational charity exploring science, medicine, philosophy and spirituality. It hosts conferences, dialogues and talks in the UK and on continental Europe. Membership of the SMN is open to all who agree with our mission, aims and values.

The Spirituality Institute for Research and Education (SpIRE) has been established to serve the spiritual seeking of people, contribute to the academic study of spirituality in higher education colleges, and promote the phenomenon of ‘spirituality and’. ‘Spirituality and’ refers to spirituality and healthcare, spirituality and aging, spirituality and management, spirituality and leadership, spirituality and disability, spirituality and social concern, spirituality and ecology, etc., that are all signs of a new spiritual consciousness across the globe.

Spirituality, Theology and Health project
The Project for Spirituality, Theology & Health (PSTH) at Durham University was established in 2005, by agreement between the Department of Theology & Religion and the School for Health, to further inter-disciplinary research in spirituality, theology and health, and especially to engage theological research findings with clinical practice.

Spirituality and Music Education
The SAME group has been set up in response to the growing interest in the notion and place of spirituality in music education.