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JSS 4.2

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JSS 4.2 Reconciling Spirituality with the Naturalistic Sciences: A Systems-Philosophical Perspective

by Dr David Rousseau, Centre for Systems Philosophy, Surrey, UK
Journal for the Study of Spirituality 4, no. 2, 2014, pp. 174-188

Contemporary lived spirituality appears to be grounded in intuitions that life has meaning, value and purpose in an axiologically uplifting sense, that it matters how things are, and that people can make a difference to how things turn out (Rousseau 2014a). Such a life-view is in tension with the currently dominant scientific world-views, which consider such opinions to be social constructions or delusions. In this paper, I argue, using the example of moral intuitions, that is possible to investigate the validity of such ‘spiritual notions’ in a scientific manner, and that, in the case of moral intuitions at least, the validity of spiritual intuitions is likely to be scientifically confirmed. This is only a step towards reconciling spiritual and scientific views in a mutually supportive manner, but on the basis of this example it can be tentatively proposed that the other spiritual intuitions are amenable to similar investigation and validation.

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