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Explorations in Psycho-Spiritual Care 2017

'Explorations in Psycho-Spiritual Care 2017' workshops

A series of personal and professional development workshops for health & social care professionals, counsellors & psychotherapists, chaplains and faith leaders who want to deepen their practice of psycho-spiritual care.

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Psycho-spiritual Care in Health Care Practice (thumbnail)

Psycho-spiritual Care in Health Care Practice edited by Guy Harrison

This book explores relationships between the medical, psychological and spiritual requirements of patients in health care settings. Building on understanding between all health care disciplines and offering a model for practical development, it presents a holistic, inclusive approach to providing effective care for patients.

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These seminars are open to all staff and students of Durham University and to the general public. However, please be aware that they are aimed at a postgraduate level and are therefore especially suitable for MA, PhD and DThM students, as well as for others engaged in postgraduate study in relevant areas of enquiry.

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