About Us

The British Association for the Study of Spirituality (BASS)  was officially launched in the impressive and historic surroundings of the London Charterhouse on 29 January 2010. The Association has grown out of the activities of a small ad hoc group, convened in 2008 during an inter-professional interdisciplinary conference entitled Making Sense of Spirituality, with the intention of creating a more formal network of scholars and practitioners with interests in concepts and practices associated with spirituality. Key aspirations of the group were to establish an international journal to provide a forum where studies of, interests in, and conversations and controversies about spirituality might be brought together; and to host a biennial international conference where such matters might be explored collaboratively. The use of ‘British’ in the Association’s title is not intended to be either parochial or exclusive. Rather, it is simply indicative of the birthplace of an Association that seeks to enhance the study of spirituality through dialogue within and across the borders of nations, disciplines, professions, faiths and beliefs. Click on the links to view and download the BASS Articles and the notes from the BASS Annual General Meetings.

The first issue of the Journal for the Study of Spirituality (JSS) was published by Equinox in 2011. In an recent exciting development, the journal has been acquired by Maney Publishing as part of a new collection. Like BASS, the journal recognises that spirituality and spiritual values can be expressed and studied in secular contexts, including scientific and professional settings, as well as within faith and wisdom traditions. JSS is peer-reviewed and welcomes submissions from around the world. (For further details, click the ‘Journal’ button.)

To date, BASS has hosted three successful international conferences. Preparations are now under way for the fourth – which will take place in 2016. Check our Conference page for further details as they become available during 2015. We look forward to welcoming you!

Applications for membership of BASS are welcome at any time, from anywhere in the world. (For further details, click the ‘Contact Us’ button.)